A Better You Project is the name that I’ve chosen for my new project. Some months ago, I started a new path. I became a digital coach at the coaching platform.

Since I’m also trying to improve my life, I called it “A Better You Project”.

What is ‘A Better You Project’ (ABYP) about?

#ABYP is the first step of the journey towards your better self. This is not an almost impossible program or a super hard challenge. It’s my personal experience of the last two years. The method consists in doing daily easy micro-actions at different fields of life such as sleep habits, productivity, mindfulness, gratitude, exercise or unclutter.

I’m still on my way, it’s not an easy path, but I’m sure it’s worth it. I want to share my experience with all of you and help you improve your life as I’ve been doing with mine.

 This post was first published on my Medium publication on August 5, 2015.